The Vampire Diaries

This seaside town is not at all as welcoming as your tourist agent told you. It is full of vampires! They are among us: clans fight, kill people, and drink their blood. The trap is closed, and now you are their food. But they won’t kill you at once. For now, you are packed in a container and left for tomorrow. But an ancient vampire is about to wake up, and he is always hungry after sleep. Run for your life, whatever it takes you!

Dead Man’s Curse

Medieval Europe was famous for its tough methods and total absence of compassion. Do not even hope for mercy being confined here in the underground casemates. Seems like you are going to be executed without any reason. So think about how to get off the dungeon before the headsman comes.

Haunted House

Once upon a time you could see the light inside the house and hear children`s laugh. It used to be like that until the whole family of Anderson suddenly disappeared. The same thing happened to Tom Hardy, who was hired to find them. Police didn`t manage to discover any footprints and stopped searching the people. However, neighbors tell that the Evil has settled in the mysterious house. Freezing thrill embraces everybody who dares to come in. But would it really stop you?


Your rescue team has been called up as a matter of urgency from Tokyo to a quiet mining town. A group of miners hasn’t returned from the rock masses after one of the shifts. A local group of rescuers went down to carry out the search operation. Communication with this group was interrupted almost immediately. Not a single person came on the radio after half an hour, after an hour, after three hours… Most evidently, they also need your help. What’s going on? No damage has been detected. Everything seems to be in order: the elevator, the changing room, the tunnels… Dismal silence is the only factor raising concern. There came a sudden rustling! A shadow slipped past… Someone sneaked up behind you. Strange sounds, moaning. A dark silhouette. Miner? Rescuer? He is approaching you. Oh my gosh!!!! No way! What the hell!.. Demons!


Gulliver took you to his second voyage to the land of the giants. As soon as you arrived at Brobdingnag and entered the house of one of the giants, Gulliver disappears. Mysterious whispering informs you of the fact that in an hour a cat will appear in the house to catch mice. You are just the right size, and Myrmryg is not used to examining his prey. It’s time to run without looking back!

Circus Secrets

You’ve got an anonymous invitation for the circus show, but have you ever thought that you would participate in this show? Three foxy clowns, who became tired of entertaining ungrateful audience, decided to entertain themselves and lured you into a trap. Try to get out of the abandoned business area of the circus before the light turns off and no one would ever remember about you.

Pirate’s Hut

You are on a tropic isle in the middle of the Caribbean. Well, you know where this is going. There is thunder in paradise. A lonesome hut on a cliff could become your death trap! Its bloodthirsty eyed-patched landlord will soon be back from hunting. Take it on faith, he will gladly turn you into one of his trophies. These dull walls are hardly the last thing you want to see before his blade finds you — run!


Welcome to the magic land of Kikoriki! Usually it is full of fund, but today a pall is cast over its merriment — one of the characters is missing. He was turned into a caterpillar, and to save him the kids have to find a device called improviser. On their way to this goal the kids will solve many mysteries, visit a bamboo forest, and ancient tomb, and a happy aboriginal village.

Fairy Tale

Koshchei has attacked a fairy-tale village and you have to draw out a magic sword out of a stone to beat the enemy. The sword cannot be drawn out so easily, of course: first, you’ll need to remember everything your granny told you about in the evenings when you were tinies.